Renovations Are Complicated for Landmark Buildings

It is important to get the architecture right for both the interior and exterior spaces when renovating historic landmarks. Many are protected or operated as museums by preservation societies. Experts are required to match materials, have custom fixtures and embellishment recreated, and procure vintage furniture and window treatments.

Complicated Process

Typical installations of replacement windows and doors can be completed in a matter of an afternoon or two, depending on the size of the residential or commercial building. There are several more aspects to historic window replacement.

Filing for Landmark permits, preparing budgetary proposals, and on-site consultations are needed at the beginning of the project. Design services, mock-ups, and computer-aided drawings (CADs), and architectural estimates have to be presented to committees or project managers.

Final measurements have to be precise, the right manufacturers have to be found to duplicate the windows, and products will need to be painted or stained to match the original appearance of the building. That process can delay projects dramatically unless experienced companies are involved in the restoration.

Turnkey Solutions

Many experienced historical restoration companies have been in the business for decades. There are masons who specialize in mixing mortar as it was done two-hundred years ago. Turnkey solutions form planning phases to final installations are offered for windows and doors. Details can be found at


Although eighty-five percent of the clients in need of historical restorations represent landmark buildings, other clients also seek custom services for their homes or businesses. Townhouses, brownstones, older large homes and mansions, storefronts, and large-scale commercial properties may require renovation experts.

To replace windows and doors with modern designs and materials would clash with the building. It would also drastically decrease the value of the building. In times of pre-fabricated homes, cookie-cutter condominium buildings, and ordinary stores that go up in a weekend, truly authentic and vintage buildings are in high demand. Before cutting corners or quickly having windows or doors replaces, go to to get a free consultation.

What to Expect

Historic renovations will not be achieved at bargain prices. It is wise to plan ahead to make renovations, repairs, or restorations in order to have the resources to do so. Waiting until areas are falling apart will have major consequences for the building and your investment. Seek realistic estimates from top professionals and experts when the building is beginning to show signs of wear. Once restorations are complete, consider service contracts to prolong the life of the building.


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